38 Million visitors to Thailand annually!

Now in Thailand its not about IF it’s going to happen its about WHEN it’s going to happen.
With services such as Netflix & Youtube rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide, we can definitely see why broadcasters are developing more and more mobile streaming apps to suit the viewers needs.

Streaming removes the need to conform to specific viewing schedules and having to sit through commercial breaks, and best of all, viewers can watch their favorite programs whilst they are on the move.

What's new on Netflix Thailand


After long wait, Netflix launches in Thailand, with caveats

January 06, 2016

eed Hastings, chairman, president and CEO of Netflix Inc, delivers a keynote address during an event at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 6.

Netflix expands to Thailand

January 06, 2017

Leading provider of movies online finally arrives in Thailand, but Thai language movies, subtitles & support to be added later.

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