The Ultimate Streaming Experience for Hospitality

  • Powered by Google Chromecast – stream to the big screen, just like at home

  • 1000+ apps – there's something for everyone

  • No app login required through the TV

  • Automatically disconnects guests at checkout

  • Connect multiple devices to same TV

  • Stream to any TV in the room/suite

Pairing Options

  • Multiple pairing options 

  • Light customization possible

  • No need to log in to the TV or Set-Top-Box with personal information

  • Secure, isolated connection Established in each room


  • HOTELFLIX utilizes Google Chromecast deices to measure WiFi signal strenght in each room

  • Signal strenght readings deliver data trends and QOS dashboard

Usage, WiFi & Reporting

  • Usage & system performace data

  • Bandwidth usage

  • Apps streamed by guest

  • Signal strength readings

In-room Equipment (Per TV)

  • HotelFlix CAST (configured)

  • Security Cable

  • Enclosure

  • Optional Ethernet wired adapter

Server Room Package

  • HOTELFLIX CAST Network Server (SNC)

  • Cisco 881 Router

  • UPS

  • Rackmount & Cables

Hardware Requirements

  • Any TV with available HDMI Port

  • Or works simply as a stand alone free with any guest TV provider system – users can switch HDMI Inputs to access HOTELFLIX

  • Supports Wireless configurations

Network Requirements

A site survey is required to determine bandwidth at each property