HOTELFLIX ‘s products and services improve guest satisfaction in the hotel space, enabled by strategic partnerships we’ve built and new technologies we’re developing.
Our product is backed by our friendly, attentive, knowledgeable staff that provides Industry-leading 
service and support to the largest hospitality customer base.

HOTELFLIX are dedicated to ensure that your guests are informed and educated on the HOTELFLIX solutions available in your hotel.

The objective is to enable every TV in your hotel, enabling all guests to enjoy the HotelFlix streaming 
solution and ensuring your investment adds value to your in-room guest entertainment services.

Part of our monthly support and management fee is to provide marketing assistance to the hotels to promote and create awareness of the HOTELFLIX Solution.

Digital Signage 

Designed to quickly inform guests about Google Chromecast being available in the rooms. 

Recommended Usage: For your hotel lobby, 
hallway way-finding areas and elevator signage. 

Door Handle Card

Door Handle Card, designed to quickly inform passing guests that NetFlix and other streaming Apps are available in their rooms. This also serves to notify housekeeping not to disturb the Guest while they are in the room, potentially binging on series and movies.

Key Card Holder

Designed to quickly inform guests about Chromecast and how to access it at time of check in

How we make Hotelflix a success for you

  • Hoteflix are able to provide demo TV's

  • Hotelflix offers to assign a promotional person 2 - 3 hours a day, to promote and demonstrate the Hotelflix solution as guests arrives.

  • We provide training to all staff

  • Call centre assistantance 24/7

  • Internal collateral around the hotel is possible by discussion and agreement by Hotel Management

  • We provide an app directory, which we are continuously updating