HOTELFLIX specialises in content delivery services and High Speed Internet Access solutions. Our teams have extensive experience in planning, implementing and managing wired and Wireless networks to provide efficient bandwidth delivery for video on demand (VOD) and IPTV content that meets the expectations of your today’s hotel Guest.

IPTV, OTT and branded Interactive TV solutions.

Specifically developed for the

hospitality industry

High Speed Internet Access Wifi Networks designed and built for Hotels, Guest Houses and Student Accommodations

Design and installation of Copper and Fibre Networks ensuring a solid foundation for scalable network infrastructures


  • First to market, patent-pending & scalable solution

  • Device isolation ensure guests can only stream to their TV

  • STAYCAT ''network'' is optimised to maximise your internet infrastructure

  • Advanced reporting & signal strength monitoring

  • Proactive remote monitoring

Hotel Marketing & Support

HOTELFLIX will support Hotels with a welcome starter pack to help promote and inform guests on the service and how to use it :


  • Door Handle Card

  • Digital Advertising

  • Menu Information Card

Authorised Distributor of TV's

HOTELFLIX has distribution agreements with the following TV Set Manufacturers :

  • Samsung

  • LG

  • Hisense